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Luper Dupree

LUPER DUPREE, the brainchild of Southern California native Troy Amidon, was conceived not long ago in Los Angeles. Troy’s previous musical group Earfood recorded albums and garnered much success throughout the college and underground independent music scene of America which led to a large national distribution deal and to a degree of fame for Troy. On the cusp of commercial success and breaking through to mainstream audiences, a member of the group disappeared which led Troy into a few solitary years of soul searching and writing and thusly, LUPER DUPREE was born.

Troy has lived a most non-comparable and unusual life, and as his novel Luper Dupree: Love My Crohn's Disease will attest, his story is a timeless snapshot of successes, challenges, and pitfalls of the life of an artist in Los Angeles. As the process grew, through his writing and music, Troy has developed, invented, and created a brand new art form with a flowing combination of literature and song displayed in the novel and corresponding album "LD in LA". Luper Dupree: Love My Crohn's Disease chronicles Troy’s dealings with the fascinating and most interesting underground celebrity artist culture of Los Angeles as well as Troy’s constant lifelong health battles with the sickness of Crohn’s Disease. 


Initially, Troy wrote and performed these songs live billed as the solo acoustic act LUPER DUPREE at various residencies in Los Angeles, but a group was soon formed and the sound became electric leading to the recording of the soundtrack. During the span of that time period, Troy went through a tremendous amount of grief and sorrow due to the tragic loss of lives of several friends around him. As a result, Troy was inspired to write this novel to cope with his feelings and to share his amazing story.

Upon completion of both the novel and soundtrack Troy had to then deal with the death of both of his parents within two months of each other and also celebrated the birth of his first child shortly thereafter. At that point Troy decided not to release the novel and soundtrack to the public as he needed to attend to his family, so he went on a self imposed art hiatus and dedicated himself to being a good father for a few years. 


Recently though, Troy decided to release his music to the public and feels his story should be told and in the end would serve better to inspire, elate, guide, and inform fellow aspiring musicians and artists and the millions of people affected with Crohn's Disease around the globe.

   Troy currently resides in Beverly Hills, CA with his beautiful wife and three adorable young children.



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