Lisá (translated from Russian ‘a fox’), formerly known as Alisa Sharp, is a music artist based in LA . Born in Germany to Russian parents and lived in Ukraine and Israel, today Lisá resides in LA where she creates what she would call 'fusion pop' music, merging different aspects of indie and mainstream pop.

Lisá’s lyric subjects revolve around relationships: relationships between her and her love interests, music, self awareness, doubt and god while the melodies she composes are a somewhat eclectic mix of heavy and light sounds held together by the cohesiveness of her sultry vocals. While listening to her songs, as different as they may be one from another, it is easy to recognize Lisá’s unique point of view and her voice. 



“I want to create music that is interesting, above all. Beautiful is nice but it fades too quickly. Interesting is what makes you come back for more, I believe.

That is what I strive for, always.” 


Lisá is currently working on her debut EP coming out soon.