EighteenELKS is the love child of legendary Tel Aviv producer and artist ELK (Eyal Leon Katzav). To many, ELK is synonymous with the alternative music scene, and his sound is behind some of the biggest records made in Israel since the 90's.

From his early days as an artist in the late 80's and early 90's, ELK pioneeredthe dark alternative wave of music with bands like Wild Cruise and playing clubs like Allenby Theatre, Roxanne and the legendary Penguin club.

During the 90's Elk became one of the most sought after producers in the country's music industry, writing with, and producing some of the biggest names in the country.


His collaborations led to creating the Mosaic Project, which was signed to BMG, scoring the critically acclaimed motion picture 'A Matter of Size' (UCM), and writing the theme song for the Sundance Nominee 'Strangers', which was performed by Glen Hansard.

ELK's new music, eighteenELKS, continues his authentic alternative narrative with the album Bad Thought's Junky. Co-Produced with his long time colleague Boaz Wolf (drummer and producer of Electra and Men of North Country) the album embodies songs with a pop sensibility, wrapped in ELK's lush, original sound.